Green Lodging on the Maine Coast

The Flagship Inn promises to:
  • Adopt responsible practices regarding the environmental impacts of our hotel. We will continually review our ideas and plans for achieving our goal to protect our local environment.
  • We seek to reduce the impact we have on our planet by efficiently using resources, saving energy, reducing waste, and encouraging recycling.

An Environmentally Friendly Hotel

Preserving our Natural Environment: what we are doing to help…
  • We have recently installed a large Solar Panel system, to reduce the load on the Electrical Grid.
  • Our outdoor pool uses a natural salt to sanitize the water with no harsh chemicals.
  • Our sheet and towel programs help to use less water & electricity.
  • We recycle plastic, glass, cardboard and paper products from our breakfast and guest rooms.
  • Whenever possible, we are using eco-friendly cleaning chemicals in our rooms and public areas.
  • Our natural marshland is surrounded by indigenous plants, which assist with run-off.
  • All of our bathroom fixtures are low-water flow to help preserve water.
  • All of our light bulbs have been changed to LCD lighting, to help save electricity.